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Every day sought after sneakers and limited edition products are being snatched up by bots and being resold for often double the retail price. Frenzy removes the hackers competitive advantage and puts everyone on an even playing field.

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Select products for your sale on Frenzy. These will be 
visible for consumers to purchase once the countdown
timer for your sale reaches zero.

Sale type

What audience are you releasing to? Will these 
products be available globally or limited to a
specific geographic area?

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Sale details

Customize how your sale will look in the Frenzy app.

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Sale countdown

Schedule when customers will be able to view
the sale countdown in the Frenzy iOS app.

Sale start

Schedule when customers will be able to purchase
products from your sale in the Frenzy iOS app.
This is the precise time when the sale countdown
will reach 00:00:00.

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Sale promotion

Share this link with your customers to allow them
to link directly into this sale within the app.


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