Hello there,

my name is Kelly Seay (pronounced say).

I'm a Toronto based Product Designer currently making financial literacy simple and attainable at Wealthsimple.

I have 6 years of experience working in product companies ranging from early stage startups to tech giants. 

When I'm not glued to my MacBook, you can find me doing the opposite of sitting still. I'm super passionate about fitness and I spend most of my free time running, boxing or generally moving about.

Design philosophy

Simply intuitive

I’m a firm believer that design should be experienced before it is seen. Creating highly usable digital experiences means designing with client needs top of mind.

Empathy is king

An empath myself, I bring this sensitivity to client needs forward in everything that I do. Creating accessible experiences is not limited to a11y but carries on to content framing, education and support throughout a clients journey.


Who I've designed for...

& when I'm not designing...

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