Price alerts

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Wealthsimple — 2021
Role — Lead design



Clients rely on external measures to alert them of market changes

This goes against Wealthsimples goal to be the primary money management tool for its clients.


Design principles

Progressive disclosure

Provide information only when necessary. Creating and editing alerts is a guided process in which we provide only the most relevant context at each stage. 

Inspire trust through transparency

Alerts is a table stakes feature. It should provide clients with visibility into the total allotment of alerts set and remaining regardless of where this information is viewed.

Build confidence

Alerts should empwower clients with confidence in their trading decisions. It should offer a direct path towards purchasing or liquidating a security or coin with ease. 



Enable clients to action on their trading decissions in a timely fashion

Notify via native OS push notifications.


Key requirements

Trigger values

Ability to set alert criteria for a set price or an increase/decrease by a set percentage

Manage alerts

Ability to create, edit and delete alerts within the mobile experience. 


Ability to decide how they wish to receive notifications on stocks and coins (choosing between market based alerts and those they’ve created).



Journey mapping & IA



Create an alert

Price 💰

Notified when the price crosses the value of your choosing

Percentage increase 📈

Notified when the price increases by the percentage of your choosing.

Percentage decrease 📉

Notified when the price decreases by the percentage of your choosing.




View existing alerts

Enable clients to view all price alerts set for an individual security, as well as an aggregated list of all existing and expired alerts.



Manage alert types

Enable clients to control the types of alerts they wish to receive. 

A future iteration of this feature will allow clients to get more granular with the types and frequency of alerts they receive. 


Ask me about it :) 

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